Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Affects The Calories You Burn?

This is a question many people who are swimming or looking at getting into swimming are asking. Do I burn calories swimming? The simple, quick answer is absolutley. Without a doubt you do.

Swimming is a exercise that works every part of your body, hence you will lose some calories. Any amount of work you do, you will burn.

How Much

How many will you burn? This is up to a few factors.

  1. Weight. Your weight is maybe one of the biggest factors in burning colaries swimming. The more you way the more colaries you will burn.
  2. Intensity. The intensity of your workout will also play a big role on your loss. If you can survive an intense training, then you will lose alot more. However, if you feel that all you can do is a couple of lengths. Then go for it.
  3. Time. This is also very important. How long do you swim? Ten minutes? Thirty Minutes? or maybe you can go at it for an hour? Obviously the more the better.

To give you an idea of how much you can lose:

If someone weighs 145 and does a moderate swim, he/she is looking at losing about 200 calories. This doesn't seem like much, considering a slice of pizza is more than that. This is not why we always swim though. We swim because it gives us a workout, and it builds tremendous fitness.

Here is a website were you can find out how many calories you burn swimming.

Calories Burned Calculator

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