Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Burning More

Many people believe that in order to burn calories swimming they need to start out very fast and kick their legs off. WRONG! This will just wear you out before you can have an effective training session. The key is to start out slow and build your way up. When you in the pool and you see those kids at their swimming class doing so many lengths in an hour, they are burning plenty calories swimming. You however, are not likely there. They train for hours and hours to get were they are.The good news is you can get there. It will just take time.

Start out with an easy length then a medium, moving to a fast pace then a sprint. Keep your heart-rate at a bearable pace that you will not want to quit after the first length, but also not so slow that it takes 15 minutes to reach the other side.

To burn calories swimming, focus on effeciency rather than trying to improve those watching you. You will see results in the long run.

Build not lose

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. You may not notice significant weightloss for awhile, but you will find that your muscles will strengthen and begin to look good.
Time is the key element, that and commitment. If you quit before you see the results you would have been wasting your time and you won't see yourself burn calories swimming.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Burn Calories After Swimming

Many people don't realise that most of your calories that you burn is only after your training. You go for a hour swim if you can make that, then have your shower and eat everything you see. This is totally off the track. If you want to effectively burn calories swimming, you need to not eat an hour after training.

Although you aren't still working, your metabolism is. It's working behind the scenes where you don't even realise it. Eating away calories and fat that if you ate during this time when add and not benefit in your losing calories.

So next time you have a swim, stay away from food for awhile and burn more calories.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What Water Burns More

You may think that this is totally off subject but the fact of the matter is that it isn't. The water you swim in plays a role on how you burn calories swimming.


A study has shown that swimming in regular pool temperature is different than swimming in a very cold pool. You actually, not really surprisingly, burn more calories by swimming in a cold pool. This is because you need to work harder and your blood pumps different than it normally would.

Training in a cold pool is one of the things that affects the calories you burn swimming. I'm sure this is not entirely what you want to hear,but jumping in a freezing pool may burn a extra few calories swimming than sitting doing nothing.

What Burns Calories More Effectively

You might be wondering when you get in the pool what would be best to burn calories by swimming? Start swimming at your normal speed then gradually start slowing down, because you tired, but keep going thinking this is the best way to burn calories. Or find a good training program that works in intervals, some sprints, mediums and some long distance swimming.

You actually will burn more swimming by doing the interval training. Making you heart rate change, go up and down then up again. This is the best training that you can do.
Now, I'm not saying there isn't a time for long distance swimming or swimming until you can't anymore, but this should not be your main goal if you out there to lose those calories swimming.

It's very similar to going for a run, if you run once a month very hard you will definetly feel that you worked, but would it not be more effective if you run a little bit every day. It's better to burn 100 calories a day for a month than a 1000 in a month.

I hope this helps you understand the best way to burn calories swimming. There are many traing programs out there, find the right one for you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimming to Burn Calories

I have been swimming for a few years and have met many people in the pool. Some of these people are first timers and others are pros. Everybody has difference reasons for being in the pool, but I have never met someone who has said:

"I burn calories swimming!"

This is just not reason enough. Swimming is not a very easy sport to get into, unlike some other sports. Swimming is a tough sport, as it requires you to get in and out of water even when you don't feel like it. If you say to me I swim to burn calories. I'm afraid you are in the wrong place, it will take alot of work to be able to burn the calories you want. Now if you say to me I do it to lose weight and get fit, that's a different story. You can far better see the results if this is your motivation and not shedding calories.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that what is your motivation behind you swimming. If it is to burn calories swimming, then you might be very demotivated in a short space of time. BUT if you change it to I want to be fit, look good and feel great, then you might just find yourself it for a awesome ride, I mean swim.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Affects The Calories You Burn?

This is a question many people who are swimming or looking at getting into swimming are asking. Do I burn calories swimming? The simple, quick answer is absolutley. Without a doubt you do.

Swimming is a exercise that works every part of your body, hence you will lose some calories. Any amount of work you do, you will burn.

How Much

How many will you burn? This is up to a few factors.

  1. Weight. Your weight is maybe one of the biggest factors in burning colaries swimming. The more you way the more colaries you will burn.
  2. Intensity. The intensity of your workout will also play a big role on your loss. If you can survive an intense training, then you will lose alot more. However, if you feel that all you can do is a couple of lengths. Then go for it.
  3. Time. This is also very important. How long do you swim? Ten minutes? Thirty Minutes? or maybe you can go at it for an hour? Obviously the more the better.

To give you an idea of how much you can lose:

If someone weighs 145 and does a moderate swim, he/she is looking at losing about 200 calories. This doesn't seem like much, considering a slice of pizza is more than that. This is not why we always swim though. We swim because it gives us a workout, and it builds tremendous fitness.

Here is a website were you can find out how many calories you burn swimming.

Calories Burned Calculator

Burn Calories By Swimming

Welcome to my site on burn calories swimming. I will be discussing the how's and what's of shedding extra calories, so that you can understand what the benefits of swimming are. It's no good you spend a few hours a week in the pool and don't understand what you are getting out of it. There is of coarse many benefits to swimming, which we will go through.

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